About Generation Q

Generation Q is a webcomic I started in 2014. Working on it was rewarding and in fact, I think I spent more time on Generation Q than doing any actual work. But, somehow, somewhere along the third part of the comic – some time in 2017 to the last quarter of 2018 – real life happened and I lost the plot (also, it didn’t help that real comic artists – or artists in general – intimidated me.) I had to take a break and rethink. Now, inspired by Thomas Benjamin Wilde Esq., Gen Q is back with a few minor changes and additions. 

It’s here again for two reasons: one, there’s this itch I need to scratch and second, i need to break the habit of starting things and leaving them unfinished. So here it is, Generation Q, version 2.0.  I am not saying that it is better. It’s just what it is. So read, subscribe, donate, or whatever. It’s your choice.  PS. This webcomic is dedicated to Richard Faulkerson, Jr. PPS. Just kidding. PPPS. No, I’m not.

Hello. My name is Mad. I’m a frustrated comic artist. I work in an NGO. My favourite colour is blue and my lifelong dream is to go to Dubai learn how to ride a bike.


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