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Alex’s Place.

Panel 1:
Jao is in Alex’s studio, checking out Alex’s art.

Panel 2:
Alex and Marc are downstairs in the kitchen. They are about to make out.
Alex (calling out to Jao): Okay ka lang diyan sa studio? Ano ba k’se nangyare?

Panel 3:
Jao (poking a crucified wooden doll): Nagpatugtog siya ng Maroon 5. Ayun, simula ng away…Marami kaming pinagtatalunan lately.

Panel 4:
Jao (picking up a dildo wrapped with faerie lights): Pati nga work nung isang artist, naging source of argument…

Panel 5:
Downstairs, Alex and Marc are making out.
Jao (coming from upstairs): Si Charles Sia, kilala mo yun?

Panel 6:
Jao is disgusted, picking up a used condom.

Alex (coming from downstairs): Oo, malaki din titi no’n.

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