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Genghis driving with Alex in the passenger seat.

Panel 1:
Genghis: So ano girl, lesbiana ka na naman?

Panel 2:
Alex: Sira! She’s seeing someone new.

Panel 3:
Alex: …And we go way back, ‘di ba?

Panel 4:
Alex: Besides, there’s this server…

Panel 5:
Genghis: Pa’no mo naman na-chorva? The usual? Ang lakas ng loob mo.

Panel 6:
Alex (laughing): Sus. Parang hindi mo naman ginagawa sa Recto!

Panel 7:
Genghis (milld shriek): Ay ‘Te! Virgin pa po ako!

Panel 8:
(Alex is perplexed.)
Genghis: Anu?

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